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Andalusia Houses with garden

The sunny Andalusia region of Spain is the perfect place to find a house with a beautiful garden. From big cities like Sevilla and Malaga, to tranquil villages tucked away in the countryside, you will have plenty of options when looking for a property with outdoor space. Explore lush olive groves, vast orange orchards and blooming flower gardens that will make your outdoor living experience truly special. Whether it's an urban apartment with balcony access or a rural farmhouse - we've got something for everyone looking for their own green oasis in one of the most stunning parts of Europe!
  • Málaga
  • Almeria
  • Granada
  • Cádiz
  • Cordoba
  • Seville
  • Jaén

Málaga Houses with garden

In Málaga, Spain you'll find some of the most affordable and stunning houses with gardens in Europe. Whether you're looking for luxury or affordability you'll be sure to find a house with a garden that's right for you. With its sunny climate, warm temperatures and picturesque scenery, Málaga is an ideal location to call home. Spend your days relaxing in your garden surrounded by the lushness of nature and then take a leisurely stroll along one of its beautiful beaches. With so many excellent options available, it's no wonder why people are flocking to this Mediterranean paradise to buy properties with gardens. Start exploring all of the amazing outdoor spaces on offer and start living out your dream life today!

Almeria Houses with garden

Almeria, Spain boasts some of the most stunning homes with lush gardens in Europe. As you tour through the vibrant city, take notice of some of its beautiful residential properties featuring spacious outdoor spaces and fragrant blooms. Whether you’re looking to buy a home with ample outdoor space or you’re seeking an intimate garden oasis for entertaining and relaxation, Almeria has something for everyone. With its warm climate perfect for cultivating all kinds of plants year-round and its world-renowned architecture, Almeria is an ideal spot for real estate enthusiasts who prize homes with expansive gardens. For passionate plant lovers searching for a home away from home surrounded by botanical bliss, there’s no better place than Almeria!

Granada Houses with garden

Granada is an amazing city in Spain to live in and explore! For those looking for houses with gardens, there are plenty of great options here. You'll find a range of properties from charming townhouses with private outdoor spaces to luxury villas with vast grounds offering breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. From traditional Andalusian architecture to modern design, there's something for everyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful ambience surrounded by greenery and nature. Come and discover Granada's dream homes with gardens today!

Cádiz Houses with garden

Cádiz is a beautiful city in Spain noted for its stunning Mediterranean beaches and breathtaking views. With its historical architecture, vibrant culture and gastronomic delights, it's the perfect destination for any traveler. But this Spanish paradise also offers incredible real estate opportunities! Houses with gardens in Cádiz provide buyers a unique combination of traditional charm with modern conveniences. From quaint cobbled streets to expansive outdoor oasis, these properties have plenty of character and appeal. Investing in a house with garden in Cádiz will give you bragging rights - as well as an ideal place to call home!

Cordoba Houses with garden

Dreaming of a getaway to sun-soaked Cordoba, Spain? Look no further – this vibrant city offers an array of beautiful homes with gardens. Whether looking for an apartment in the bustling city center or a secluded villa on the outskirts, there are houses with stunning gardens perfect for al fresco entertaining or simply unwinding after a long day. With its picturesque landscape and temperate climate, finding your dream garden home in Cordoba is easy! Browse listings tailored specifically to suit your needs and find out why Cordoba is one of Spain's most sought-after destinations to buy real estate.

Seville Houses with garden

Seville, in Spain, is a location of exquisite beauty and excitement. It's the perfect city to find a house with garden of your dreams! Here you can find all kinds of properties with lush gardens and terraces that provide plenty of natural light. From cozy villas near the city center to luxurious mansions with private gardens planted with jasmines and oranges, Seville has it all! Investing in a home here offers an incredible lifestyle opportunity while offering value for money compared to other European cities. With its stunning architecture, ancient palaces and beautiful gardens, Seville is undoubtedly one of the most magical places in Europe.

Jaén Houses with garden

The city of Jaén in Spain is an ideal destination for those looking to find a house with a garden. With its Mediterranean climate, the area offers endless opportunities to explore outdoors and enjoy sunny days in your own backyard. There are plenty of properties available that feature lush gardens with mature trees and seasonal flowers providing ample privacy and seclusion from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're after traditional Spanish architecture or modern designs, there's something for everyone. With unbeatable views and easy access to all amenities, buying a house with a garden in Jaén could be just what you need!