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Andalusia Houses with pool

Live the dream in Andalusia, Spain! Home of beautiful beaches and captivating culture, this stunning corner of the world is an ideal destination for real estate seekers with a desire for luxurious living. Here you will find majestic homes boasting sparkling swimming pools, where bright Spanish sunlight reflects off every elegant ripple. Whether you’re looking for a hot Mediterranean vacation spot or a luxury residence set amidst vistas that are simply breathtaking, there’s no shortage of inviting possibilities here. Enjoy all the benefits that come from owning your own private oasis – from refreshing dips during hot summer days to entertaining guests poolside with idyllic views in the background. Andalusia is surely one remarkable place to find your perfect home with a swimming pool!
  • Málaga
  • Almeria
  • Granada
  • Cádiz
  • Cordoba
  • Seville
  • Jaén

Málaga Houses with pool

Málaga is a stunning Spanish city situated on the Costa del Sol. Famous for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and sunny climate all year round, it also offers something special for those looking to buy property with swimming pool – luxury villas with pools to call their own paradise! From traditional white-washed fincas to modern apartments in the heart of the city, buying in Málaga ensures that you will find a perfect home with pool which can be enjoyed year-round. Whether you’re looking for something off-the-beaten track or close to amenities such as restaurants and shopping centers, our wide range of houses with swimming pools in Málaga has something just right for you!

Almeria Houses with pool

Looking for a sun-soaked home in sunny Spain? Almeria is the perfect destination! Known for its stunning mountain and coastline views, this region offers plenty of properties with swimming pools. Whether you're in the market for a traditional beachside villa or a contemporary city condo, you'll find plenty of homes to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year long as you relax by your own pool in one of these amazing houses with swimming pools in Almeria – such a treat on hot summer days! Take advantage of all that the beautiful city has to offer; bask in the Spanish sunshine and buy your dream property today.

Granada Houses with pool

Granada is a city with many options when it comes to pools. Whether you are looking for luxury living, a family-friendly environment or a perfect vacation home - Granada has the right property with swimming pool for sale. From traditional Andalusian style villas with majestic gardens and breathtaking views of Sierra Nevada, to modern beachfront apartments – in Granada you will find your dream house with swimming pool! Enjoy the Mediterranean climate all year round while taking advantage of its hot springs and stunning outdoor attractions that make it one of Spain’s most beautiful holiday destinations. Make your move now and find the perfect house near the pool in Granada just for you!

Cádiz Houses with pool

Cádiz is the quintessential Spanish city with its beautiful landscape, wonderful beaches and stunning historical architecture. But did you know that there are some fantastic houses with swimming pools up for sale here? Whether you’re looking for a luxury villa overlooking the Mediterranean or an affordable apartment in the heart of town, Cádiz has something for everyone who wants to enjoy life by the pool. With its ideal climate and dramatic coastal vistas, buying a home with a swimming pool in this historic Andalusian city is sure to give you many years of enjoyment – not to mention alluring real estate opportunities!

Cordoba Houses with pool

Cordoba is a mesmerizing city in Spain, where delightful houses with swimming pools are for sale. Imagine living in the warm and sun-filled Andalusian capital surrounded by Moorish architecture. The houses with swimming pools boast beautiful patios and plenty of outdoor space perfect for hosting parties or relaxing by the pool on hot summer days. Whether you are looking to buy an extravagant villa or a quaint townhouse, there is something for everyone. Experience life at its best amongst the stunning natural beauty of Cordoba and bask in luxury with these stunning homes complete with gorgeous swimming pools – your private oasis awaits!

Seville Houses with pool

Make a splash in Seville, Spain with the perfect house and swimming pool combo! With its Caliphal-era architecture and rich culture, Seville is one of Europe's most beautiful cities. But what makes it even more special? Living in one of the city's luxurious houses with a private swimming pool! Whether you're looking for modern luxury or traditional style, there are plenty of stunning properties here to choose from. And when you look out over your own crystal clear swimming pool, the gorgeous views of this historic city will be yours forever. Don't miss out on your dream of living in this magnificent city - search for houses with a swimming pool now to make it come true!

Jaén Houses with pool

Jaén, with its warm Mediterranean climate, is the perfect place to buy a house with a swimming pool. Enjoying long summer days lounged by the pool or having weekend BBQs in your backyard oasis - this is home life at its finest. With numerous properties for sale boasting private pools, Jaén offers something for everyone. From gracious villas with luxurious features and large gardens to family homes situated just minutes from the city centre - you'll be sure to find your dream property here. So come explore Jaén and discover why it's fast becoming one of Spain's most sought-after places to buy a house with a swimming pool!